MoleMax 360

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Fixed focus ELM Camera with Full HD Resolution & Polarised Lens
AM.TBM (Automatic Motorized Total Bodymapping)

All Popular MoleMax Features used from other devices

  • Networkable with any MoleMax or DermDOC System
  • Fixed Colour Calibration for True Follow Up
  • Integrated Remote Mouse Control
  • From Overview Image to Clinical Images and Dermoscopy
  • A CompleteTool for Dermatologist
  • Clean and Fast Dermatology, No Immersion Fluid Needed
  • Dermoscopic Images with 30-50x Magnification
  • Fully Automatic System Controlled TBM Session with 16 positions
  • Special Polarisation Filter for Eliminating Shadows and Suppressing Skin Reflections
  • Fast and Accurate Automatic Camera Positioning
  • MoleCount Software for Fast Lesion Enumeration on Body Mapping Images MMX360

You might be able to utilise Rebate Code 96904 for Total Body Mapping If you have a new patient with a family history of melanoma listed/known in their health record or if the patient has dysplastic nevi syndrome (multiple nevis per location), you may be eligible to use the rebate code along with our Total Body Mapping Systems to create a value added screening service for your patients. With specially trained nurses, they can photograph the patients for you with our automated products and create a trending, monitoring and recall process with your patients.

Other relevant CTP and ICD-10 codes : 

  • 0400T
  • 0401T
  • 0 - C43.9
  • 0 - D23.9
  • Z80.8
  • Z85.820
  • Z85.828
  • Z86.018
  • Z87.2

MoleMax and Automatic Mapping – The Best Practice for the Best Care

Why MoleMax 360?

  • Speed up your skin screening imaging sessions
  • Create a thriving Skin Screening business with these integrated systems
  • Provide the best care for your patient with high resolution body images which may be auto compared in follow up sessions
  • Perform a mapping session with increased customer involvement, allowing them to see what you see on the monitor
  • Train your Nurses to become Melanographers to handle the imaging sessions with the patients
  • Based on the world wide MoleMax Technology used for over 20 years
  • Link to Teledermatology, AI and analysis services
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