DermLite Cam

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DermLite Cam

DermLite Cam is a state-of-the-art digital dermoscopy camera designed to enable anyone in youroffice to capture repeatable high-resolution dermoscopic & clininal imagesquickly and easily.

Finally, you have a portable, professional tool for taking polarized and non-polarized images ofsuperb quality, without the frustratingly complicated menus inherent in most digital cameras.

Yes, a DermLite Cam is easy to use. Captured images are automatically numbered in sequentialorder, saved to an SD card and displayed on its high-resolution touch screen. The intuitive DLCaminterface provides only those functions that are actually needed: Image review including double-tapzooming and image deleting, thats it.

DermLite Cam is fast. Switching between cross-polarized and non-polarized modes requires a simplepush of a red X button. Switching between dermoscopic and clinical shooting merely requires you toslide a spacer arm and turn a simple lever.

When you set the camera down, it automatically enters power-saving mode, eliminating the need toturn it off & power it back up between lesions or even patients.

DermLite Cam is design elegance. It has been engineered to be highly intuitive, extremely durable,beautifully ergonomic, and easy to clean. While its smooth exteriorvirtually void of crevicesis largelymade from strong, lightweight and precision-machined aluminum components, the contoured grip andrugged bottom are made from a soft & grippy material.

DermLite Cam is the future of dermoscopy. Get yours and be a part of it.

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